For The Birds is an original series of pixel art NFTs featuring birds of the world.
Proceeds are be donated to the World Land Trust, an organization that protects rainforest around the world.

Real World Rarity

NFTs rarity correspond to the species endangered status. The International Union for Conservation of Nature reports on the safety of a species and that's what determins how easy it is to get a certain bird.
IUCN Red List.

Global Good

NFT sales save real forestland! For The Birds has already saved over 3 acres through their action fund. The World Land Trust partners with locals to protect key areas of forest land around the world. They protect plants and animals for a long time. Plus, we use WAX, an environmetally conscious blockchain.

Mint some series 1 birds. They're backed by one wax token.

Actually a Game

No schemes, just art and fun. The game exists right now. You can play it and it's growing all the time. Each species has it's own level layout. Rare birds get more time on the level. High scores are logged so you can compete with friends and the world!

Get some birds and Play Here.


We have given away hundreds of NFTs! Join the discord for news and opportunities. Invasive speacies are given away completely free. Plus, events and contest offer ways to get more birds without exploiting your social network.
Join the community. You can get updates, ask questions, and influence the project.